11 Best Good Luck Gifts For College Students

While some students feel confident and ready to take on whatever comes their way, others may feel a little nervous about the upcoming challenges. If you know someone who falls into the latter category, why not show them your support with a good luck gifts for college students?

Good luck gifts are given to students before they take exams. Parents, teachers, or friends usually provide these gifts. This article will introduce some good luck gifts for students, such as a lucky charm, a sound luck card, and a lucky coin.

Some people believe that the best way to wish someone good luck is by giving them something that will bring them happiness and fortune.

Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, it is essential to find the perfect good luck gift for your loved one. The first thing to keep in mind when buying a good luck gift for a student is that you should always consider the student’s personality and preferences. There are many different types of students, so finding the perfect gift that will please everyone can be challenging.

Here are some good luck gifts for students.

1. A lucky charm.

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Lucky Charm

Whether it’s a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, or something else, a lucky charm can be a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well. If you have a college student in your life who is away from home, a lucky charm gift is a great way to say “good luck!”

2. A Good Luck Home Decor.

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Good Luck Home Decor

A good luck decor gift might be something that just feels like it will bring them good luck. It should be something that they can keep with them and look at when they need a little boost.

3. A motivational mug.

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A Mug

Start the day off right with a mug that says “You got this!” or another motivational message. If you want to send a motivational gift to a student, consider a mug with an inspirational message. Mugs are portable and can be used in the microwave, making them a practical choice for busy students.

4. A stress ball.

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A Motivational Stress Ball

Help your friend relieve some tension with a stress ball that they can squeeze whenever they’re feeling overwhelmed. A stress ball gift for a college student is a great way to make them stay calm and relaxed during exams. The stress ball feels just like a real ball, making it a perfect way to stay focused and relieve stress at the same time. This motivational stress balls will get the students relaxed.

5. A gift card.

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A Gift Card

Some people find it helpful to show their support by giving someone the opportunity to treat themselves. A gift card is an excellent way to wish them well in their studies, as they can use it for textbooks, school supplies, or food.

6. A Good Luck Notebook.

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Good Luck Notebook

There are many things that college days doesn’t mean. It doesn’t has to be perfect, or that you can’t have any fun. It’s important to unwind, and sometimes a good luck notebook gift for student can help you do that. Go ahead and give one to your favorite one.

7. A Necklace.

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A Necklace Gift

Gifts that are personal and unique are always appreciated by students, so a necklace made out of lucky charms is a great choice. A gift of a good luck necklace is a thoughtful way to wish a success in their studies. This also helps them during challenging times to stay focused and motivated. This type of necklace makes a great graduation or going away present.

8. A Lucky Coin.

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A Lucky Coin

The four-leaf clover print and motivational words inscribed on the coin will certainly inspire and motivate the recipient. This gift is for anyone who could use a little extra luck and motivation

9. Motivational Cards.

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Motivational Cards

This card set is the perfect one, it is both motivational and inspirational, and it will help them to stay focused on their studies. This card is also a great way to show your support for their educational journey.

10. A Clover Good Luck Charm .

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Clover Good Luck Charm

Clover is considered a good luck charm, anyone who may be feeling a bit nervous about their future. A clover charm can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, or even kept in a pocket, and it is said to bring the wearer good luck.

11. A Greeting Card.

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Good Luck Card

Sending a good luck card is a great way to support and encourage. It can be a simple card with a few words of advice or wisdom, or a more elaborate card with well wishes for success in their studies. Either way, it’s a thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated.

Here are a few items to avoid giving a college student:

1. Anything expensive.

While they may appreciate something special, a pricey gift will only bring them down. Save the money and buy them something they’ll use or enjoy.

2. Presents that remind them of home.

Whether it’s something from their home state or hometown, gifts with sentimental value can be challenging for students to take care of and get lost or forgotten about. Instead, buy them practical presents like new textbooks or dorm supplies they’ll need on campus.

3. Presents that are too personal.

College students need to be able to open any present they receive, but some gifts can be too intimate for them to handle. Please ensure the gift you buy is something they enjoy and can easily open without feeling embarrassed.


In conclusion, the good luck gifts for college students on this list are creative, useful, and reasonably priced. These items can be used to help ease the transition into college life, and they also make great keepsakes. If you know a college student who could use a little extra luck, consider giving them one of these thoughtful gifts.

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