13 Gift Ideas For Strong Independent Woman That Will Make Them Smirk

If you know someone strong-willed, independent, and who knows what she wants, you might want to have the perfect gift for them this holiday season. Then this list is ideal for them. We have gathered some great gift ideas for women who inspire us to be stronger and our best selves. These gift ideas for strong independent woman are perfect for women who are confident in themselves and know what they want in life.

Who Is A Strong Independent Woman?

A strong independent woman is someone who is self-reliant and confident. They know their own worth and are not afraid to voice their opinion.

What Are Some Different Types of Gifts you can give?

The perfect gift for this type of woman would be something that would make her feel as if she could conquer the world. Some of the options include gifts that are practical, like a new pair of shoes or a new purse. Other gifts might be more personal, like a heartfelt letter or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

How Do I Find The Best Gift For My Strong Independent Friend?

When trying to find the perfect gift for a friend that loves things they do themselves, it’s important to consider, find out what’s the person enjoys doing, once you know their interests, look for gifts that can be related to that activity. For example, if they love travelling and you don’t know what to get them, you could get them a travel journal or guidebook to their favorite destination. Secondly, consider their personality and try to find a gift that is unique and special, just like they are. Something personal and heartfelt is always sure to be appreciated. Lastly, don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate and admire them with a handwritten note or card accompanying the gift.

What Can I Gift an Independent Woman?

Here are 12 lovely gift ideas for the independent strong women in your life that will make them smirk:

1. A Coffee Mug

Top Pick

A Coffee Mug

This mug is the perfect way to show your support for speaking out and being heard. It’s a great daily functional accent piece for anyone who knows the importance of using their voice.

The Dissent mug is a great way to start your day with a reminder that you cannot stop and will not stop, just like the Notorious.

2. A personalized book of inspiring quotes.

Top Pick

A Book With Inspiring Quotes

This massive book of quotes is an excellent value for money, as it features quotes on a variety of topics. Some of the categories are helpful if you’re looking for specific quotes, but overall it’s good to dip into rather than read cover to cover.

3. An Iconic Timepieces.

Top Pick


Your Daily Readiness Score indicates whether you are ready to exercise or should focus on recovery. The score is based on your real-time pace and distance, as well as how much phone-free time you have spent in the past 24 hours. This is a thoughtful gift for a powerful woman

4. A Wine Glass.

Top Pick

Wine Glass

These glasses are perfect for sipping on wine and cocktails. They’re also quite durable and will help to prevent spills.
Most woman loves wine, this is a great one.

5. A Travel Mug.

Top Pick

Travel Mug

If she is into Travelling, Camping & Hiking she will loved it. The travel mug keeps drinks cold or hot until the last sip.

The Ramblers features a MagSlider Lid, which is made from powerful magnets to keep your drink securely in place.

They do not contain BPA and are suitable for dishwashing. They also have a non-slip grip that will prevent your palms from getting sweaty

6. A Feminist Makeup Bag.

Top Pick

Makeup Kit Bag

The Unique Feminist Bag is a great gift for anyone, any time. It can be given as a birthday present, Valentine’s Day present, Mothers Day present, or Father’s Day present.

It is also the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, Nurse Appreciation Day, or Employee Appreciation day.

7. A Hand Bag Which Shows Her Strong Feminism.

Top Pick

A Hand Bag

Let her show her feminism with this high fashion handbags.

This handbag is made of a synthetic leather material, which is sometimes called “faux leather” or “vegan leather.” This leather is made from the inner splits of the hide and has a polyurethane coating applied to it.

8. A Shawls and Wraps.

Top Pick

A Shawls and Wraps

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone strong, look no further than these wraps for women! These shawls make wonderful presents for any occasion – including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Prom or Black Friday.

9. Scented Candles.

Top Pick

Scented Candles

Candles make a popular gift for women. They can express your gratitude, or just make someone feel loved by you. After all, candles are always welcome and appreciated.

10. A Necklace.

Top Pick

A Necklace

Personalised jewellery is the perfect gift for someone you cherish or admire. This can be given on a variety of occasions, making it ideal for any woman you know who likes to keep their jewellery and outfits quirky and individual.

11. A Empowered Women Tshirt.

Top Pick


This is a perfect gift to show women empowerment. She will love this tshirt.

12. A Handmade Clay Pot.

Giving someone a homemade clay pot as a gift is one way to show them that you care. Clay pots are excellent for cooking, and they make great presents.

Top Pick

Handmade Clay pot

Clay pots are good for cooking because they allow heat and moisture to circulate freely, which helps retain all of the nutrients in the food. This is different from metal or enamel pots, which can overheat and lose these essential nutrients.

13. A Figure of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This is a perfect for the women who inspire us to be stronger and proactive.

Top Pick

Figure of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A Figure of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a gift is an excellent way to show your support for the Supreme Court Justice and her incredible career. This hand-painted figurine is a beautiful and unique way to commemorate Justice Ginsburg, and it makes a great addition to any collection.


Whether you are shopping for a loved one or you are shopping for yourself, these 13 gift ideas for strong women will make them smirk and feel empowered. So, don’t wait – get shopping!

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