11 Best Gifts For Empty Nesters That Will Keep Them Smiling

Congratulations on reaching the exciting milestone of being a new empty nester! Empty nesters have more freedom and space to enjoy their life. Your loved ones still want to celebrate their new status. Here are the 11 best gifts for empty nesters to make them happy and keep them smiling.

What is an Empty Nest?

When you reach adulthood and become a parent yourself, an empty nest is created when your kid grows as a young adult. An empty nest is when your child leaves the house, and you are all by yourself.

What Does an Empty Nest Mean for You?

Different people think different things about empty nest. Some may find it a time of peace and calm, while others may feel lonely. It all depends on how the person reacts to the empty nest situation.

When children move out of the home, many parents may feel grief, often referred to as “nest syndrome.” which is typically more common in women. This condition is often more common in mothers with the role of primary carer, often referred to as nest mom or nester mom.

Why do Gifts for Empty Nesters Matter?

Gift ideas for nesters matter because they show that you care. They are a way to show that you think of them and want them to feel happy and loved.

What can be Perfect Gift for an Empty Nester?

A perfect gift for an empty nester is something that will help them stay in touch with their loved ones, even though they are far away. A photo album or scrapbook filled with memories is a great way to do this. Alternatively, a gift certificate for a day of pampering at a spa or salon is also a thoughtful present.

So Lets start with the gifts for your nesters.

1. A Coffee Table

A coffee table is an excellent gift for empty nesters because it is practical and decorative. This coffee table can also be an attractive decoration in your home.

Top Pick

Coffee Table

This small coffee table has a large surface that can be used for everyday use and a low-level open shelf that is perfect for storing different items, such as books, toys, and snacks. This space-saving solution is excellent for smaller apartments or larger homes.

2. A Home Security System

A home security alarm is an excellent gift for empty nesters because it can help them feel safe in their homes. An empty nest can be a scary time for them, and a home security alarm can help to make their house feel more secure.

Top Pick

Home Security System

The home security system is easy to set up and protects your home right out of the box. No tools are required.

With a security camera, you can watch what’s happening in your home anytime, from any device.

3. A Set of Storage Containers

A set of home storage containers is an excellent gift for empty nesters because it can help them to organize their homes. They can use the containers to store anything they want.

Top Pick

Storage Containers

Empty nesters will appreciate a storage container gift that can help them stay organized and tidy.

They can help keep track of belongings, and make sure things stay organized.

These containers have lids that can be locked to keep food items safe.

4. A New Kindle

A new Kindle is a great gift for empty nesters because it is practical and decorative. The kindle can be used for entertainment, but it can also be used as a decoration in their home.

Top Pick


The Kindle Oasis is a more advanced and feature-rich version of the Kindle that has a 6.8″ display with thin borders and adjustable warm light.
The device has a longer battery life, faster page turns, and a flush-front design that makes it easy to read in bright sunlight.

5. A Set of Cushioned Footrests

A set of cushioned footrests is a great gift for empty nesters because it can help them to relax and unwind. They can use the footrests to relax after work or a long day.

Top Pick


An adjustable footrest is a great gift for an empty nester. It allows them to put their feet up and relax while also being able to adjust the height to suit their needs. This means that they can use it whether sitting in a chair or on the sofa, and it also means that they can use it when watching television or reading a book. This footrest provides firm support and comfort all day. The footrest is made of excellent and high-quality materials and can be adjusted to fit most chairs.

6. A New Cookbook

It can be difficult for new empty nesters to adjust to cooking for a smaller household. Giving a new cookbook as a gift to an empty-nester can be an excellent way to get them started in the kitchen again.

Top Pick

A Cookbook

A cookbook gift for empty nester is a excellent way to show that you care. It can be used as a resource for recipes, cooking tips, and more. This is one of those gift that will be appreciated and used often for sure.

7. A New Towel Set

A new towel set is an excellent idea for empty nesters because it can help them to feel like they have a home. Towels are both versatile and multi-purpose. Perhaps the main reason they’re used is primarily due to their ability to absorb moisture. Towels work as a great drying apparatus, both for dishes and wiping surfaces.

Top Pick

A Towel Set

Towels made from cotton grown in Turkey’s Aegean Region are of the best quality and will make you feel comfortable as if you were in a luxurious hotel, spa, gym, or pool.

Towels have a loop-pile height that makes them incredibly fluffy and absorbent. For best results, wash them separately on the first use to avoid any lint accumulation. After each washing, the lint should diminish, and the towels will still perform as expected.

8. A New Waterproof Camera

A new waterproof camera is a good gift for empty nesters because it can help them take pictures of their home and family. They will remember the photos taken for long time.

Top Pick

A Waterproof Camera

This waterproof camera will make a great present if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to be outdoors. It’s perfect for those who want to document their adventures without worrying about damaging their camera.

The waterproof camera is perfect if you want to buy something that your outdoorsy loved one will use. If they’re always on the go, they’ll be able to take it without having to worry about damaging the camera.

9. A New Set of Home Decor

A new home decor set is a great gift idea for empty nesters because it can help them decorate their homes for the first time in years. They can use the decor to make their house feel like something new.

Top Pick

A Home Decor Set

This hollow-out design with a 3D effect gives your walls an exciting look. The minimalist modern abstract wall art is made with 3D effects so that you can create a visual impact on your walls.
This contemporary wall hanging is perfect for any modern home or office decor. Its neutral color palette and simple design make it a versatile addition to any room.

10. A Coffee Mug

Any Coffee or tea lovers will love this gift! Give it a personal touch by adding the name of the person.

Top Pick

A Coffee Mug

A coffee mug gift is a great way to show your empty nester loved ones that you care. It is a practical and affordable gift that can be used every day

These mugs are strong and can be used in the dishwasher and microwave, making them ideal for any event.

11. A Garden Box.

A garden box is a great gift for an empty nester. It is a small, rectangular box with flowers and plants. The person who receives the gift will have to care for the plants and flowers in the box until they grow.

Top Pick

A Garden Box

A raised garden bed with legs is an attractive and space-saving design. These are ideal for placement on your balcony. You can also put them in small spaces around some corner in your home.


Whether you’re shopping for a yourself, family member, or a friend, these 10 gifts are sure to please and make your empty nester happy.

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